Lava Iris X5 Price in India, Features 8GB ROM, 5 inch touch screen

Lava Iris X5 Price in India

After a very good success of Lava Iris X1, the company is ready to roll out its successor model Lava Iris X5 in India in coming. Lava Iris X5 price in India though can not be exactly estimated but it will be more or less in the close range of Lava Iris X1 price in the market.

The price of Lava Iris X5 at the time of import from China is Rs. 5665 and the company has imported 20 items in the first lot as per the data revealed by Zauba. There is very limited information provided on the the Lava Iris X5 features and specifications.

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Lava Iris X5 Features

Lava Iris X5 will come with better screen which will make it even more productive and efficient. The base model was powered with 4.5 inch screen but this one will have 5 inch touch screen. At this screen size, it is fair to assume screen resolution of 480×854 pixels. In terms of screen quality, Lava Iris X5 is expected to have FWVGA with IPS display screen which is norm for smartphone in Rs. 6-8k price range in India.

Lava Iris X5 features will also have dual SIM with dual stand by option. This will be available on both 2G as well as 3G network services. Only GSM users will enjoy dual SIM functionality of Lava Iris X5 smartphone in India.

In terms of Lava Iris X5 ROM, it will have 8GB and after allocating space for OS and other pre installed apps, users shall get around 6GB of space for storage. The smartphone may also come with 4GB model but in the revealed data, only 8GB models have been mentioned. The expandable memory of Lava Iris X5 will be up to 32GB with the support of microSD card.

Lava Iris X5 Specifications

Specifications of Lava Iris X5 which users can expect in this smartphone are Android Kitkat OS, dual camera and FM radio for listening to songs which can be easily stored. It will have games, audio player and video player as alternate sources of entertainment.

Lava Iris X5 Review

Lava Iris X5 price in India is expected to be in entry level range and at the same it will have good quality features and hence it is also going to as successful as X1 model.