BLU Studio X8 HD Price in India, Features much better for basic applications

BLU Studio X8 HD Price in India
Now pockets are no more deeper due as the big payments for various items were and now does not have much leverage when it comes to how much I can spend on my next smartphone model. Also I am not the only person who is in this situation so there is case in hand to talk about budget smartphone in Indian market.

After going through couple of models BLU Studio X8 HD turned out to be one good option though its not a 4G enabled smartphone.

BLU Studio X8 HD model in India pic

There are only few portals where I could gather information on BLU Studio X8 HD but whatever I could get hands on, its more on the positive side only (also read BLU Studio 5.0 CE). The smartphone has 5 inch screen with option to manualy set icons on the home screen so you can choose what to be there and what not to be. There is 5MP camera on each side which are worth using in regular activities both images and videos. Once in a while you can enjoy video chat also but do not expect high class streaming and sound may also be not that much clear.

With just 4GB ROM, BLU Studio X8 HD more towards traditional set of models where one do not need to store heavy applications and files. Basically this is low price model which can serve basic applications quite well. Though there is 64GB expandable memory but the performance will go down if you start using more than 16GB card as processor and RAM are not strong in this model.

In connectivity side, BLU Studio X8 HD comes pre loaded with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi but there is no hot spot. Look wise its quite an decent model with very low thickness and blue color. Its quite light also making it easy to carry even in morning walk or other leisure activity. There is no specific information as yet but BLU Studio X8 HD price in India is close to Rs. 2,500.