Comio C2 Price in India, expect better selfies with auto focus camera

I have been waiting for quite sometime to find smartphone which will fall in to my budget which like me for any student will not be so big. In fact its usual trend for most that we never have ample funds to fund our all the needs and problem is certainly not restricted to smartphone buying.

Year end and festival offers are always most sought after occasions for me to get great bargains even on new model and now this is the time to make a move. In my search for smartphone, lets see if Comio C2 in India will turn out to be the model I shall go for.

Comio C2 latest price image

Its not a household brand but Comio seems more close to Indian style which is apparent in the language used in the description of this model. Not only its Hindi but the flavor is also quite local which also added to my curiosity. You do not need to shell out to much as Comio C2 price in India is Rs. 7,199 and perhaps one may end up getting free offer from Reliance Jio on C2 also.

Why one shall buy Comio C2 at this price comes out from its selfie camera of 8MP with auto focus and f2.0 making it equally suitable for photography in low light condition. Now you would wonder what is different here, well usually second camera comes without auto focus which is critical if you need same quality selfie both personally and in group. The rear end camera also has same specifications in Comio C2 smartphone.

Don’t be shy if you are still on 2G and want to try a shot in 4G also. To cover wide range of Indian consumers, Comio C2 supports 2G, 3G and 4G and hence which ever network you are currently using you can continue the same and can opt for any other as well.

The given screen quality in Comio C2 may be just 5 inch but also look at HD full display which is equally important along with size. The 2GB RAM and 64 bit 1.3GHz Quad core processor on Android 7.0 Nougat platform will give seamless navigation and functioning.

Other important features of Comio C2 for Indian consumers are 16GB memory, 4,000 mAh battery, scratch free back cover and royal blue, black colors.