HTC Desire 10 Compact Price in India, simple model with better storage capacity

It is well said that what is best for today may not remain so tomorrow and hence timing is one of the key aspect. It is even more important when there is high level of changes taking place in the environment especially when we are looking at electronics segment.

In layman’s term, its the survival of the fittest and companies try to achiever that with better and better technology. Look at HTC Desire 10 Compact which has just very few features outdated which will be enough to repel many of the customers right now.

HTC Desire 10 Compact Price new India pic
There are quite wide range of 10 series smartphone from HTC and they are available in much varied range, you can’t guess it over simply. For instance, HTC smartphone Desire 10 Compact price in India will be in the range of Rs. 10-12K but other models goes up to the price tag of Rs. 35,000. This is for the first time we have seen such a variation in the quality of phone even though they belong to the same parent series.

Why we said in the initial phase that some features in HTC Desire 10 Compact are slightly outdated as it has Android 6.0 Marshmallow which was darling few months back but now its Nougat and may be Oreo even. This is fast changing game of technology and all players in the smartphone have to play with its rules. Though screen wise you may get 5.5 inch and 5.9 inch but 5.0 inch provided in HTC Desire 10 Compact also can be just put under carpet in terms of quality wise.

If you are no too kin on the quality of camera, than HTC model Desire 10 Compact with 13MP LED flash auto focus camera on rear and 5MP on front side may get passing note as well. Its not that every thing has fallen same patter and RAM of 3GB and ROM of 32GB will state otherwise. The Li-Po 3000 mAh battery also seems more on the better side of the story.

The smartphone is not available ordinarily and HTC Desire 10 Compact price in India is also not set officially yet.