Lemon Anmol 211 Price in India, very light weight appealing feature phone

Lemon Anmol 211 Price in India
Though it has become quite a necessity to carry a smartphone but there are times when I prefer feature phone. This is more to do with the simplicity with which I can operate it rather than style statement which is quite obvious also. I am not alone in this trend, many of the people I know share the same view.

So here I ended up looking for my desired model which is Lemon Anmol 211. Once I have this model, I would not be bothered to check updates, activation of apps and many more such things. Lemon Anmol 211 price in India for online buying is just Rs. 949, so affordability is no way near to my concern.

Lemon Anmol 211 new budget model pic

Simply because I am not paying any great price for Lemon Anmol 211, there is not much to expect from features quality. Also I am quite sure it will serve my basic calling and messaging needs which is a feature phone is meant to provide. The first thing which impress me on Lemon Anmol 211 is quite light and very tiny as compared to smartphone (compare with Lemon Lemo 205).

With 2.4 inch screen feature, Lemon Anmol 211 will offer me reading and writing messages through regular SMS platform and certainly not going to be Whatsapp here. Also calling option along with call logs would be used quite conveniently here. There is not much to bother about screen quality as watching videos or playing high quality game is not something I am looking here.

Being fan of FM radio, Lemon Anmol 211 is quite useful there too. It has good battery so playing non stop for couple of hours would be quite feasible here. With basic camera one can take snaps and share them with Bluetooth. GPRS and WAP is also present in Lemon Anmol 211 for net connectivity but their usability will remain quite limited. At one portal, for online buying Lemon Anmol 211 price in India has been indicated at lower than above mentioned level.

Lemon Anmol 211 Features list India

  • 2.4 inch screen
  • Bluetooth
  • 16GB expandable memory
  • Alpha numeric keypad
  • FM radio
  • Light weight, slim design
  • Torch
  • 1,800 mAh battery
  • Dual SIM dual stand by
  • Digital camera