Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition Price in India, quite basic yet appealing

Thanks to the onset of 4G, the old standards are gone for bad or good reason and they would never get chance to return. Slowly and slowly we are seeing the Indian smartphone market getting better with the quality of features even in the base model.

What was standard in high end models has become standard of entry level models. I just came across Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition for Indian consumers and it reminded me of my first high model which was quite premium that time. The market has come a long way and so is Samsung in India as well (compare price of Samsung model J7 in Indian market).

Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition best price pic

Though it has been just listed with details, Samsung Galaxy model J2 2017 Edition price in India shall be around Rs. 6000-7000 only keeping the level in the market. Any thing higher than this would lead to adverse impact on its demand and in fact Samsung model Galaxy J2 2017 Edition if not launched soon may not take much time to become outdated. This is the pace at which features are loosing relevance in the market.

Even now there are certain features lacking in Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition which will keep certain class of users of away and one of them is finger scanner. In the current format, the model will definitely appeal to wide range of users certainly trendy one will not be among them. In terms of comparison, Samsung smartphone Galaxy J2 2017 Edition will look lagging from other competing models but its quality is what makes all the difference.

Samsung Galaxy new J2 2017 Edition has been packed with 4.7 inch QHD super AMOLED screen if not in size than at least in quality is cool. With only 5MP camera at rear and 2MP at front, scope is limited for whatever purpose you may put any of these two cameras. Even when we move to RAM and memory quality in Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition, with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM one would be more likely to be taken backward than forward.

The 12 hours talk time and 11 hours of internet usage on 2,000 mAh battery will make this model appealing to users in low electricity. It would be more appropriate if Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition price in India falls in the expected range only.