Samsung Zodiac project may bring next Fold or 10 series smartphone for China

Based on the kernel sources, one can find out new project which Samsung is working on with each models being worked under different project name. There is very little information sometime shared along with. Now as per the latest kernel source code, Samsung is gearing up for a new smartphone for Chinese market under Zodiac project.
There are only two information available out there in Samsung Zodiac project and one is launch of country which is already mentioned above which is China. Another piece of information is the smartphone will have Snapdragon Qualcomm 855 processor.

Now in the market Samsung has two main series of smartphone with Snapdragon 855 processor i.e. Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy 10 series. The probability the Samsung Zodiac is for a new series of smartphone is quite less and hence we rule out a total new series.

Now if the new smartphone from Samsung Zodiac is among the exiting series, than most probably it could be in the recently launch Samsung Galaxy Fold which can be Fold 2. There is equal probability it could be Samsung Galaxy 10 series. One more thing which is more likely about this phone is it will be 5G model.

This all indication about smartphone is based on probability and may not turn out to be a reality.