Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition Price in India, AI inbuilt on multiple modules

Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition Price in India

It boils down to high intensity competition the smartphone have to be equipped with the latest standard in the market. This is even more important for players which are struggling to build up their customer base. Well known Japanese firm Sharp has come out with Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition with in a period of just 3 months with better features over Sharp Aquos S3 model. Since this is a successor, quite many of the features can be simply guessed even before having a hands on experience.

Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition price new quality image

As the model name suggest clearly, this is high end model but not a premium one. After its launch which is expected in coming months of 2018, Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition price in India may fall around Rs. 25,000. This is quite stylish model with AI model inbuilt in various facets to ensure there is minimal efforts needed from customer end at the same ensuring high level output.

The key feature of Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition is Qi wireless charging but there is catch here which one shall be careful about. The smartphone will support this on any charging platform but only 7.5W. In connectivity front, it has Bluetooth 5.0 but it appear little strange to find Android 8.1 Oreo and not 8.1 which is being rolled out on some of the newer devices.

Camera is quite appealing in Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition as it poses 12MP+13MP rear end camera with f/1.75 and 16MP front end shooter with both end supported with AI module. With this shifting focus and adjusting for color etc. can be just left to the device to give optimum combination.

With 8GB ROM, it will offer better performance over Sharp smartphone Aquos S3 which has just 6GB. With Snapdragon 660 chipset which is also improved over 630 in base model, certainly there is lot more smoothness one will witness here.

We will be coming up with lowest Sharp Aquos S3 High Edition price in India 2018 for online buying.