Price 4 India: Latest smartphone, tablets, smartwatches, feature phones in 2024

The smartphone market is growing rapidly in India with the onset of 4G models and now even 5G models are coming up in 2023-24. There are only few Indian brands which are aggressive in the smartphone and tablet segment. One of them is Micromax which was among top brands few years back. Now it has started Micromax IN series with very affordable price range. The price level of Micromax IN series models starts around Rs. 8,999. The high end models from this brand go up to the price range of Rs. 21,999 also.

Mainly Chinese players are dominating Indian smartphone industry in both 4G as well as 5G space. They are having best value for money smartphone in India with starting price of Rs. 7,999 even in the 5G category. They are also competing in the premium end of the market where smartphone price range in India is Rs. 51,999 to 71,999.

Among rest of the global players Samsung and Apple are the key players. Samsung has good range of smartphone which caters to entry level users with smartphone prices in the range of Rs. 5,999 to top end models with price tag of Rs. 81,999. Motorola is another brand with main focus on 5G and also foldable models. The Moto smartphone price in India starts around Rs. 15,999 and go up to Rs. 52,999.

There are smartwatch players also in Indian market from different countries but Chinese are main players. The smartwatch is available at price tag of Rs. 1,799 for first time buyers having basic features. The top end smartphone price range in India in 2022 is around Rs. 49,999 in 2024.