Huawei P70 Pro 5G price in India 2024, Features top quality camera, 16GB large RAM

Huawei P70 Pro 5G Price in India

It is always exciting to see cutting edge features in smartphone which can be seen only in premium end models but they are worth their price. Not only they simplify the ease of operating the smartphone but also add greatly to the performance level. Huawei is all set to bring Huawei P70 Pro 5G which is simply going to be mesmerizing model thanks to its features quality. As it is premium model Huawei P70 Pro 5G price in India is expected to be around Rs. 51,999 which is quite normal in that category. When it comes to features Huawei P70 Pro 5G will have 200MP main camera and 32MP selfie camera, 5,320 mAh strong battery and 16GB of RAM along with snapdragon 8 chipset for meet the performance requirement of 5G network.

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Huawei P70 Pro 5G Features

There is significant improvement in the features quality of Huawei P70 Pro 5G which will not add to the price level of the model. The screen size of 6.78 inch is something which is already the upper limit beyond which models become phablets and demand for them is not much. For photography Huawei P70 Pro 5G will feature 200MP Samsung camera to give breath taking picture quality and also with 8MP ultra wide lens full image will come with greater clarity. Having 16GB RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset will ensure even the toughest application will run seamless over here.

Huawei P70 Pro 5G Features list

  • 6.78 inch screen
  • 120W fast charging
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB ROM
  • USB Type C
  • 5,320 mAh battery
  • 4G, 5G network
  • Bluetooth 5.2

Huawei P70 Pro 5G Specifications

Not only Huawei smartphone are great in performance they are impeccable in design also. With curved design and soft and yet strong body Huawei P70 Pro 5G promises to be both elegant and durable smartphone. The model weighs just 420 grams and has thickness of 7.19mm making it quite portable model. It is available in color models of blue, grey and green with aesthetic combination. There is dual security features with finger print scanner mounted on side and face unclock which is provided in display.

Huawei P70 Pro 5G Specifications list

  • Weight: 420 grams
  • Thickness: 7.19mm
  • Color: blue, black, grey
  • Finger scanner
  • Face unlock

Huawei P70 Pro 5G Review

If you are not sensitive to price and features quality is something you do not want to compromise than Huawei P70 Pro 5G is certainly for you. It has remarkable power to give top level performance even when you are playing games with heavy graphics and at the same time running some other apps. For photography also this model will give top quality images with very finest details from wide angles.

Find latest information on Huawei P70 Pro 5G price in India for online buying in 2023 and also its expected launch time.