Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 Price in India, Model Registration for launch in 2025

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 Price in India

It is not so easy to bring out foldable smartphone and its even tougher to bring out their next versions. This is because the compactness of the model restricts the scope of improvement unless and until there is some major break through. Hence on an average one year period is normal gap between launch of two successive models. Last year we saw Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 coming to Indian market and next year we will see Flip 6 and in the year 2025 we would gets our hands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 model. Given this long time to pass by there is hardly any guess one can have how the models will look like.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 will be most anticipated fold model in the year 2025. It will be set at price of equal range as that of Flip 6 model.
Information on price of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 and its model registration image

However it does not stops people from guessing and already lot of rumors are floating around for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 model. Both Flip 6 and 7 model have been registered by the company for the year 2024 and 2025 which gives confirmation of their arrival during these respective years. Hopefully there is no surprise here which is rarely seen when company brings last model earlier and anticipated next model later on.

Right now there is not confirmation on features of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 though there are some suggestions of better camera and battery. Also in price front there shall not be major change though minor 10% or so improvement is always normal. The OS is one thing which will be most like Android 15 in 2025 and hence same shall find space in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 portfolio also.

Its also the competition which gives a hint of what we can expect in terms of features quality in a given model. There is high chances the fold category of smartphone will continue to maintain their charm and hence more and quality models coming into Indian market. Hopefully that will fuel more fire to better quality features in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 7 as well.

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