Sony A5100 Price in India, Sony A5100 camera features faster auto focus quality

Sony A5100 Price in India

The latest in Alpha series of camera, Sony A5100 has been announced in two different price tags i.e. $549 (or $699 with Sony’s 16-50mm kit lens). It may expected to be launched in India in the month of Sept-Oct 2014 though there is no official word as yet on this.

Sony A5100 price in India for the base model may come around Rs. 30K and high end model around Rs. 40K. Sony A5100 camera comes with features and specifications which are better than A5000 but little lower side when compared with A6000 camera from the company.

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Sony A5100 has been provided with 24.3MP APS C sensor which is taken from A6000 models and bring good speed in the auto focus. However the touchscreen which you may seen in A6000 will not be seen in this model. Overall Sony A5100 is very suitable for users who want to move from their smartphone to mirror-less camera for better quality images and video recording. With this model you can record videos of 1080p at a bit rate of 50Mbps. The camera can record in two different versions i.e. AVCHD for easy sharing and XAVC S for better quality.

Sony A5100 comes with very fast auto focus quality and if you need to capture images or videos of objects which are i moving condition, than it will come very handy for you. As per the official statement, it can lock in 0.07 seconds which is quite good level except when the object is too fast. Sony A5100 features continuous shooting mode which can go up to 6fps and this you can enjoy up to 56 shots in one go.

Sony A5100 camera is quite user friendly and it comes with question mark which will provide help ion navigation on menu items. Though many users may miss touchscreen on Sony A5100 but still when you see this camera in totality, it worth buying at its price. In terms of design, it is very lighter and slim and hence it has better portability than its predecessors.