Xolo Q1100 Features list at a glance

New smartphone Xolo Q1100 features list at a glance, Xolo Q1100 features for end users, Xolo Q1100 in India

Xolo Q1100 Features

In recent times, Xolo smartphone have been powered with high quality features but reasonable price at same time. Xolo Q1100 price is only Rs. 12053 after heavy discount at online stores now. Xolo Q1100 features for connectivity and camera are among the best in the segment which will also be appreciated by its end users. Also Xolo Q1100 features will make it suitable for entry and also mid level users including in the professional category in India.

Xolo Q1100 pic

Xolo Q1100 Features list

  • Photography features
    • Primary camera: 8MP
    • Camera quality: BSI sensor, auto focus, flash
    • HD video recording
    • Secondary camera: 2MP
  • Connectivity Features
    • Wi-Fi
    • 2G
    • 3G
    • WLAN support
    • Micro USB
  • Entertainment Features
    • FM radio
    • Audio player
    • Android video player
    • Google play store
    • Android market

Xolo Q1100 features for connectivity are Wi-Fi for wireless net access and 3G for better mobile services as well as net access. The smartphone has both 2G as well as 3G network option which can be enjoyed using dual SIM based on the plan suitability. Xolo Q1100 features which is exciting is WLAN support which can be used to access net on multiple devices.

Xolo Q1100 features for entertainment is also quite exciting and bring various sources which users can explore based on their personal interest. It has FM radio, audio player and also Android video player for music lovers in Indian market in different categories. Xolo Q1100 also comes with pre installed games which users who love to play games in free time will find quite impressive. Also they can install new games from Google play store and can play them efficiently with quality graphic processor.

Xolo Q1100 feature list for camera is unique in many ways on this smartphone. It has been powered with 8MP primary camera and also 2MP secondary camera which are not the best in the segment. Xolo Q1100 rear end camera comes with BSI sensor which only few smartphone in the market. This comes on the top of flash and auto focus support provided in the primary camera.