ASUS Pegasus 4S Price in India, wider screen for better display, dual set camera

If we go with the quality of features, even if we dig our head a lot, it will be tough to find a reason why one shall not buy a smartphone from Chinese player. Even in the moderate price range we get features which smartphone from other countries are able to offer at 15%-20% higher price range.

This is one main reason they have been able to get hold of market share in different countries so fast. If some one does not agree with this than have a look at ASUS Pegasus 4S model in India.

ASUS Pegasus 4S price India news pic

Though there is not one single information but our finding is ASUS Pegasus 4S price in India is around Rs. 16,999 which is quite reasonable as you will see once after going into little more detail. It is among the one of the few models with 5.7 inch screen giving much wider and broader display. To protect screen it has 2.5D curved glass which not many models in the market have. ASUS Pegasus 4S has very stylish and slim design making it even more convenient to carry anywhere (also read Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Lite).

Forget about 16GB memory, ASUS Pegasus 4S packs dual memory options i.e. 32GB and 64GB with further option to take to 128GB without compromising quality of performance. Having 1.4GHz MediaTek Octa core processor in combination with 3GB/4GB RAM will simply be awesome for any of your favorite task. Both in ROM and RAM one can choose different combination based on personal suitability.

When it comes to photography, it will be tough to find parallels for ASUS model Pegasus 4S as it has 16MP+8MP dual camera at the rear end. Also having 8MP on front end will not leave you second to any one in the market in this price range. With Android 7.1 Nougat you can personalize your smartphone even more. Overall this is quite appealing model but one has to look for life of this handset which is key concern in Chinese models.

We will post exact ASUS Pegasus 4S price in India for online shopping.