Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL Price in India, leading features for amazing gaming experience

Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL Price in India
Sometime the turn of events confuses even the people who are quite up to date with the latest development in the smartphone. It happens occasionally when companies puts their new models officially but with in few days take them back. Few days back we noticed Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL on the global site of Asus but when we again checked the official page is no longer there. However we have been to quite finest details on the price of Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL and also its features which are appealing enough to put a deep glance for this model.

Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL price India image

Since this is no more officially announced, there is mere expectations only on the Asus model ROG Phone ZS600KL price in different markets and same goes for the launch period as well. Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL price in India could be well around Rs. 50-60k given the top notch features it has. One has to be extremely smartphone savvy to enjoy the full strength of its offerings.

Gaming smartphone Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL has much larger 6 inch screen with 18:9 aspect ratio for much better 550nit brightness. Since users are expected to keep working on this model for longer spans, it has blue light filters for protecting your eyes from any negative impact. The response time of AMOLED screen is just 1 ms to ensure every thing is water tight smooth.

Just forget about the memory features in Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL as it has two models with lower with 128GB and another with 512GB. To many users ever the base model is more than they would need in its life time. With 12MP+8MP dual camera with LED and flash tone, its simply a match at least you will see in any best model in the market in India.

Having 8GB ROM and Android 8.1 Oreo are clear indication for top level performance and compatibility on any platform you wish to operate on this smartphone.

Once its launched, we will put final Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL price in India 2018 also.