DOOGEE U10 Pro 5G price in India 2024, 5G tablets with quality features for kids exclusively

DOOGEE U10 Pro Price in India

It has been quite a long we have seen any gadget being launched for kids which was not the case when tablets started coming to Indian market in the initial phase. Now DOOGEE has launched its latest tablet model DOOGEE U10 Pro which is exclusively for kids and also comes with exciting features quality making it suitable for even students in higher classes. The expected DOOGEE U10 Pro price in India is Rs. 12,999 but more will depend on timing of the launch of this tab. The notable features of DOOGEE U10 Pro which makes it quite interesting is 10.1 inch screen, 8GB+12GB RAM which is much more than one can think of and Quad core processor.

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DOOGEE U10 Pro Features

Though the tablets is meant for kids there is no compromise on the features quality of DOOGEE U10 Pro. Having 10.1 inch with HD IPS display quality will not ensure better display but also lively experience due to better visuals. There is 8GB+12GB RAM on this tablet which makes it suitable even to run 5G network and their apps at seamless performance level. The Quad core processor is one more aspect which will add to better performance even while working on medium short of applications.

DOOGEE U10 Pro Features list

  • 10.1 imch screen
  • HD IPS display quality
  • Android 13
  • Quad core processor
  • 8GB+12GB RAM
  • 128GB ROM

DOOGEE U10 Pro Specifications

Since it is meant for kids DOOGEE U10 Pro tablet is very light in weight and very slim design. Also it has very strong body to ensure there is minimal damages from falls which would be quite common when kids will be using it. It has 8MP main camera which is good enough for video calls on tablet of this price range. For better quality entertainment there is dual smart PA stereo speakers.

DOOGEE U10 Pro Specifications list

  • 5MP selfie camera
  • 8MP main camera
  • Colors: black, blue, pink
  • Dual smart PA stereo speakers
  • Sleek and elegant design

DOOGEE U10 Pro Review

With high quality features for screen, entertainment and very good quality cameras on both ends DOOGEE U10 Pro will certainly be quite productive tablets for kids in India. Not only they can study but also can enjoy quality time on this tablet. With 20GB RAM they need not to worry about performance while enjoying any short of application.

The new DOOGEE U10 Pro tablet will be launched soon in Indian market. The expected DOOGEE U10 Pro price in India at Rs. 12,999 will be quite reasonable especially after comparing it with similar tablet models in the market.