Tecno Pop 8 price in India 2024, Features Type 6 Charger, 6.6 inch screen with punch hole

Tecno Pop 8 Price in India

It has been quite hard for small players to sustain in the Indian smartphone market and only players which have innovative smartphone models in 4G have been able to do so. Tecno is one of those brands which has been actively coming out with new 4G models at very low price but keeping features quality quite impressive. The brand has launched its latest 4G smartphone Tecno Pop 8 in India at price of Rs. 5,999 only (compare with price of Tecno Spark 20 Pro in India). Interestingly the company has multiple series smartphone with high focus on entry level models and Tecno Pop 8 is also one of them. The key feature of Tecno Pop 8 is large 6.6 inch screen, Android 13 OS and 5,000 mAh battery with Type C charger which gives it edge over competitors in Indian market (also read information on online price of Tecno Pop 8 Pro in India).

Tecno Pop 8 at low price in India with better features for charging and display pic
Information on Tecno Pop 8 price in India and quality of features image

Tecno Pop 8 Features

Not many smartphone in the price range of Rs. 5,000-6,000 can boast of large screen on 4G network but Tecno Pop 8 features 6.6 inch screen with 720×1612 pixel resolution. Also it has 90Hz refresh rate which may not be as good as 120Hz we see in mid price range models but for a smartphone in its price range this is quite appealing. Also Tecno Pop 8 smartphone features Type C charger which is also quite new to be seen in a low price entry level model and it will life lot easier for charging and connecting to other devices.

Tecno Pop 8 Features list

  • 6.6 inch screen
  • 720×1612 pixel resolution
  • 90HZ refresh rate
  • 5,000 mAh battery
  • Type C charger
  • 10W charging support
  • Android 13
  • 3 models:
    • 64GB ROM+6GB RAM(3GB+3GB Extended)
    • 64GB ROM+8GB RAM(4GB+4GB Extended)
    • 128GB ROM+8GB RAM*(4GB+4GB Extended)
  • 1TB expandable memory

Tecno Pop 8 Specifications

Like any other good model Tecno Pop 8 has quality specifications which includes minimalist square shape with 8.55mm thickness. For taking good quality selfies Tecno Pop 8 features 8MP camera with dual flash and for regular photography it has 13MP main camera with AI support and dual flash. To give more personalized choices it is available in three vibrant color models i.e. Mystery White / Alpenglow Gold / Magic Skin / Gravity Black.

Tecno Pop 8 Specifications list

  • 8MP selfie camera with dual flash
  • 13MP main camera with dual flash and AI support
  • 3 color options
  • 4G network
  • Processor: ARM Cortex A-53 Octa core 2.20GHz
  • Stereo dual speaker

Tecno Pop 8 Review

For 4G network series Tecno Pop 8 is quite an fascinating models especially for consumers looking for smartphone in the entry level price range. Large and quality screen with good refresh rate will certainly be something one can enjoy entertainment in a better way on this model. If you are fan of Type C charging then this model has it for you. Already listed on official site Tecno Pop 8 price in India at Rs. 5,999 is quite reasonable.