Videocon V1393 Price in India, Features 1.8 inch screen, digital camera

Most of the entry level models of Videocon are launched in V series only and have been quite successful also. Videocon V1393 is going to be the next model which is going to be available at low price and yet will offer high usability also.

Videocon V1393 Price in India pic

Videocon V1393 Price in India

One of the unique features of Videocon mobiles in entry level segment is good memory level and same is true for the upcoming model Videocon V1393 also. Videocon V1393 price in India is expected to be less than Rs. 1,000 both at the online as well as retail stores. As this is for users who are highly price sensitive and will buy mobile for the first time, Videocon V1393 comes with just 1.8 inch screen and very basic level in other features also. Though Videocon V1393 of Videocon V1393 mobile may be very low but still it has very good usability on different aspects.

Videocon V1393 phone in India does not have GPRS for net access and hence when it comes to connectivity, you shall check for the suitability very closely. The model has Bluetooth with A2DP support but the efficiency of file transfer will be very slow only. Videocon V1393 has wireless FM radio with song recording which is rare to see in phone of price range of less than Rs. 1,000 in India. For game lovers, it has few of the basic popular games installed in it which users can enjoy anytime. Also it has audio and video player but you need to store the media files in external device only due to low memory.

The mobile Videocon V1393 has 1.8 inch screen and very thin shape which will ensure users can operate it on the go very efficiently. When it comes to memory, it has support for 500 contacts and 200 messages which is really impressive. Most of the competitors of Videocon V1393 in India comes with message storage capacity of 100 only. In terms of expandable memory, it has 16GB option which is almost double of 8GB expandable memory seen in entry level models.

Meant for calling and messaging mainly, Videocon V1393 can be put to use for photography also with its digital camera. Though the quality of images and videos will be clear but we do not expect many users to find this camera appealing. Videocon V1393 has 1000 mAh battery and users can expect talk time support of 4-5 hours at least in normal condition. Overall Videocon V1393 price in India is very reasonable and makes a good model especially for users who need better memory.