Aakash 2 Tablet Price in India, Aakash 2 Launch and Booking

Finally Indian students can expect Aakash 2 Tablets soon. Aakash 2 Tablet price in India has been set at 3,499 (current price for UbiSlate 7Ri) for upgraded features on screen and processor mainly. Also Aakash 2 Tablets features will provide solution to problem encountered in previous model. Based on these improved features, Aakash 2 price higher by $15 over Aakash Tablet price seems quite justifiable. Aakash 2 launch in Indian market will be in the month of March or April 2012.

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Aakash 2 Tablet features capacitive touch screen in place of resistive screen in original Aakash Tablet model. This is major sigh of relief for Aakash 2 users as resistive screen requires tapping which is quite irritating and inefficient way of operating a tablet. Aakash 2 has Android 2.3 as operating system which is again a outdated OS.

Another improvement in Aakash 2 features is processor which is going to be much faster. Aakash 2 features Cortex A8 700 processor which may not be exciting when compared with processors in tablets in market even for low prices. However Aakash 2 processor is much better than original model.

Aakash 2 price and features makes good sense for people who cant afford high end devices. Some of Aakash 2 features which still need attention are battery life and connectivity.

Despite all these, Aakash 2 booking is going very successfully at its Aakash 2 official site. Surprisingly Aakash 2 tablet is already sold out for retail customers.

Aakash 2 Tablet price for retail customer is Rs. 3,499 (current price for UbiSlate 7Ri) which makes it cheapest tab in Indian market. Aakash 2 tablet comes with internet connectivity plan which will cost Rs. 98 per month.

Interested customer can go for Aakash 2 Tablet online booking at its official site.