HP ZBook X2 Price in India, most powerful detachable tablet with Bluetooth keyboard

It was way back in 2008 when I bought my last PC and there has been no thinking back for it in so many years. In fact it was purely for the office I had to buy PC then but now even that purpose is also no more so strong thanks to the advent of tablet and laptops.

But there seems to be a U turn coming up with HP ZBook X2 which is claimed to be most powerful detachable PC so far and in some ways it has redefined what a PC can be. Make note of the fact it is going to be best gadget for adobe applications if we go inside the usability aspect of this tablet.

HP ZBook X2 Price new India pic

Being loaded with ultra modern features list, HP ZBook X2 price in India will be in the range of Rs. 30-40K (official price $1749 for US). Since this model is well equipped to give strong performance on multiple levels, I do not think price will be of much concern for its potential users. To make it fully functional detachable, HP device ZBook X2 has Bluetooth keyboard and also incorporates customised 16 buttons on Adope for easy navigation.

Whats makes HP ZBook X2 a powerful package is 2TB of hard disc and 32GB RAM combination which is unmatched so far in the market. Even the heaviest application you have in your kitty will go seamless on this device. Build with Quad i7 processor, neither compatibility nor performance will be issue in any kind of your project. It will just get better and better as you will explore it in more details.

The 14 inch screen in HP ZBook X2 comes with 4K DreamColor 10 bit with anti glare and anti touch display quality which is quite significantly better than 8 bit display one may have seen so far. Battery life in HP ZBook X2 is same as any other similar device which is up to 10 hours but this is quite satisfactory in our view. Also 50% of battery can be charged in just 30 minutes which is great help for fast packed day when you have move from one meeting to another.

Not many products have come into market but if HP ZBook X2 price in India comes in good level, it will have good scope even than.