Micromax X444 Price, Micromax X444 Review of Features and Specifications

Micromax X444 Price

Indian mobile companies Micromax continues to maintain it strong hold in low end mobiles. Micromax X444 mobile has been recently launched at price of Rs. 2,999 will give more advantage to the company in coming days. Micromax X444 price is not only affordable but its features and specifications are far more attractive. Based on review from users point of view, Micromax X444 is expected to get good sales in Indian market.

Micromax X444 India image
(Micromax X444 India image)

Micromax X444 Review

Micromax X444 price though set at low levels, it has some of the advanced applications which can be seen only in mid to high end mobiles. The first important feature of Micromax X444 is screen size and its touch screen quality. Having a 3.2 inch TFT screen is really bonus for Indian consumers when its competitors are offering just 2.4 inch screen in similar price range. Given the new trend of watching movies and playing games on mobiles, this mobile will surely be good attraction for such trendy customers.

Micromax X444 is powered by Li-Ion battery which offers talk time of up to 7 hours and very long stand by time. This will be highly useful for customers who need to use their smartphone regularly without much time for charging. Also people in rural and semi urban areas will find it much useful where regular electricity supply for mobile recharge is major problem. Since Micromax X444 is primarily meant to be multi media mobile, having good battery talk time will ensure uninterrupted music playing.

On the down side, Micromax X444 features which will disappoint consumers is lack of 3G connectivity. This will devoid its customers from enjoying high speed data download and fast video streaming services. Having a dual SIM on only 2G network will be issue for people who wish to migrate to 3G network in near future. Since most of young customers love watching cricket matches on 3G network, this mobile will not come out to be useful for them also.

Micromax X444 price in India and reviews despite limitations on these selected features and specifications proves to be highly justified.