Motorola XT1254 Price in India, Motorola Droid Turbo Features 20MP camera, 3GB RAM

Motorola XT1254 Price in India

As per a leaked documents which was destined to Verizon, Motorola is all set to bring its next model Motorola XT1254 into the market. The actual name of this smartphone is expected to be Motorola Droid Zone and it will be powered with features which are top of the class.

Motorola XT1254 price in India based on these information will surely be above 30K once it is launched in coming months. Motorola XT1254 may also get officially revealed at IFA 2014 though there is no clear information as such on this.

Motorola XT1254 price India images
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Motorola XT1254 Features

Motorola XT1254 price is expected to be very high as it has some of the very high end features. Based on the leaked document, it will be coming with 20MP primary camera which is simply as good as any professional camera when it comes to quality of images and video recording. However Motorola XT1254 will have 2MP front end camera which is just adequate to meet the basic need of video chatting. After paying little attention one would think how can there is 20MP on rear end but only 2MP on front end. Since Motorola XT1254 smartphone in India will be meant for high end professionals, definitely they will not 2MP front end camera of any use.

Motorola XT1254 Specifications

Motorola XT1254 specifications starts with its 4.5 inch screen which is good but for a high end smartphone of this class, this seems little odd. Also the smartphone with 2.65GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and the latest Octa core which is available in most of the new smartphone especially in high price range. The smartphone will come with 3GB of RAM which is again top of the class. When it comes ot OS, it will be powered with Android Kitkat 4.4.4. It will be having 24GB of internal memory which if true will make it one of very few smartphone with this feature level.

Motorola XT1254 Review

Motorola XT1254 price in India will definitely in top range but we need to wait for full information before making final judgement.