Nokia 9.2 PureView Price in India, better processor for 5G network, delay in launch

Nokia 9.2 PureView Price in India 2020
Its not an easy task to keep track with the technology trend for even smartphone players like Nokia. They have to continuously reset their products to incorporate latest versions to ensure the final model is not seen as left out in the market.

As per the latest leaks, HMD Global is all the launch Nokia 9.2 PureView around June 2020 with some latest features and some features dropped from older models. The model is going to be a new flagship model with Snapdragon 865 processor which may be the reason behind dropping Nokia 9.1 PureView for 9.2 model (also read Nokia TA-1207 model).

Nokia 9.2 PureView features leaked for Indian market pic

There are more than one reason why HMD has given up Nokia 9.1 PureView for time being (hopefully) and will come out with Nokia model 9.2 PureView instead. As far as Nokia 9.2 PureView price in India is concerned, its bit early to think now but may come in mid price segment like Nokia model 206.

One major upgrade we will see in Nokia 9.2 PureView is Snapdragon 865 whereas models like 9.1 PreView were expected with Snapdragon 855 only. With 5G technology coming into picture, its much for a leading smartphone to have latest processor version. Continuing with Nokia 9.1 PureView with Snapdragon 855 would have been simply out of space for 5G customers in India and other countries like US, UK etc.

The launch period of Nokia 9.2 PureView during mid of 2020 looks little too far but going by the latest events of Corona virus spread in Wuhan where lot of manufacturing facilities are located, delay looks quite practical also. HMD is doing lot of re shifting in terms of manufacturing facilities also (you may like to read on latest Nokia Foldable models in India).

Coming back to Nokia 9.2 PureView features, its claimed to come out with much better camera on front end and back also. It may come from Toshiba and its regular partner may get replaced. Most like the new model will have Android 10 OS and better RAM and internal memory also.

We will provide information on Nokia 9.2 PureView price in India 2020 regularly here. The brand has Nokia 10 in India and we are waiting for Nokia 11 now in 2020.