Popular Nokia smartphone price in India in 2021-22

Among the popular smartphone in India, Nokia 206 with dual SIM is quite well known. This mode has all the features which one would expect in a price for money smartphone in the 2G and 3G space. In fact one can say its one of the best model which has seen so much success in Indian market.

Another features phone from Nokia is 5310 which was launched in the year 2020 but was quite popular due to its strong list of features. This was the time when Nokia started seeing decling in its market share in India due to coming up of Android based models.

Though Nokia XL 4G smartphone was among the early entrants in Indian market when it comes to 4G network but model could not become so popular. This is less to do with model but more to do with the main brand itself. The XL 4G model has touch screen and good RAM for high level of performance.

Nokia Asha 210 dual SIM model is also one of the interesting model the company has broght into the Indian market. There was quite good response for this model. But there was not many follow up successful model to this.