Latest Nokia smartphone price in India in 2022

One of the latest smartphone in India in 2022 from Nokia is Suzume model which has been designed on Android 12 platform. The smartphone has Japanese connection when it comes to the design and performance features. With Samsung processor, the model comes as a unique proposition to bring new dimensions.

The Nokia 5310 model is among the very few few models which are in the feature phone category. The model is well suited for users who are not so keen for latest apps and games. This lets users have a simple and easy gadgets to meet the basic communication needs.

After a long time we saw 4G smartphone from Nokia i.e. 400 model which is quite realistic as well as good in performance. In comparison to latest model which are for 5G space, this one offers good value for money proposition. Still users in India will continue to use 4G for a quite long time and hence models like this will find good demand in the market.

Though it may some more time but there is confirmed news there will be Nokia Foldable smartphone in India in the year 2022.