Lenovo Phab 3 Pro Price in India, limited information on features leaked so far

Lenovo Phab 3 Pro Price in India
There is no match for fun watching favorite movies on larger screen than what smartphone offers mostly when we are traveling and cant open laptop. Also for reading long mails, replying with long messages, phablet stands at much better ground than smartphone. Despite this, the launch of phablet models have been quite low in Indian market and else where also. After a long gap, Chinese player Lenovo is coming up with Lenovo Phab 3 Pro for India and its schedule date for launch is going to be in coming months in 2019 only.

Lenovo Phab 3 Pro new image India

During the same time, we would get to see Lenovo Phab 3 hitting other markets in reasonably similar price range. Not much has been discussed about Lenovo Phab 3 Pro model as its just begining and only on FCC one can get reliable information on this so far. Usually not much time goes when model is launched after being seen on FCC listing.

In Indian market not many phablet or even smartphone from Lenovo have been able to get good response. This can also be attributed to the fact other Chinese players are quite aggressive making it tough for other players to get foot hold. In fact some of the Indian brands have lost out to them deeply especially when it comes to touch models for 4G network services.

However phablet is one segment where there is still some space for relatively moderate player and hence Lenovo Phab 3 Pro may get good response in India. Also for some animated games and HD movies, honestly phablets stands at better ground over smartphone.

Since most models of Lenovo in Phab series are in moderate price range, Lenovo Phab 3 Pro price in India shall also be in the range of Rs. 15,000-20,000 only.

Source: FCC Listing