Moto G9 Play Price in India, quite promising smartphone for better experience

Moto G9 Play Price in India
Something is quite unique about Indian smartphone market which has been on upward trend even when there is quite slow down in economy for couple of quarters. This is one reason why the smartphone players are quite excited about Indian market and coming up with new models quite often and same is true for Moto. The upcoming model Moto G9 Play has started making rounds on net and may get launched in Indian market in coming weeks in 2020 at very reasonable price.

Moto G9 Play price information coming out soon image

Based on the features quality one can expect Moto G9 Play price in India to be around Rs. 12,500. Many of the models from Moto in similar categories have been priced around this range only. This is where the bulk of Indian market lies i.e. the segment which offers value for money proposition.

Moto G9 Play Features list

  • 6.3 inch screen
  • 1560×720 pixel resolution
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB ROM
  • 128GB Expandable memory
  • 4100 mAh battery
  • Tripple camera on rear end
  • 13MP camera on front side

There is not major market for Moto in India which was true when it was an independent company Motorola few years back but it has good brand image. The new model for 2020 Moto G9 Play carries screen of 6.3 inch with 720X1560 pixel resolution making it quite fit for high quality entertainment. The watching experience is quite better in such models as compared to lower screen size models.

Moto G9 Play smartphone in India will come out with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM which is more than average requirement. The latest games like Game of Thrones, PUBG one can play seamlessly on this smartphone. Its quite good on the camera front also with triple set of 16+8+5 MP cameras on the main side and 13MP on front side. You can record videos with greater quality of each and every object of varying distance with same high clarity on Moto G9 Play smartphone.

Powerful 4,100 mAh battery, amazing design and Android 10 OS are few more features one would enjoy on this smartphone. For online buying Moto G9 Play price for Indian consumers can be even lower than its expected price.