Motorola Moto Z5 Price in India, coming to US market with powerful battery, Moto Mode

Motorola Moto Z5 Price in India 2020
In recent times we have seen couple of models heading for US market from Motorola and its coming out quite aggressively. Apart from couple of models Motorola has planned for MWC 2020 event, there is FCC listing for Motorola Moto Z5 the launch of which may follow this event.

Listed as XT2055-1, this is probably going to be one of the most powerful smartphone when it comes to battery. Though it may take little longer to appear in Indian market, Motorola Moto Z5 price will be more in the mid range only i.e. Rs. 34,000 or so.

Motorola Moto Z5 coming to India after US at mid price range pic in 2020

One of the key features of Motorola Moto Z series models which makes them unique even from other Motorola models also is Moto Mode which enhance their capacity very significantly. The upcoming smartphone Motorola Moto Z5 has already very powerful 5,000 mAh battery and if you have Moto Mode of 1,800 than you will end up having net capacity of 6,800 mAh which is quite mamooth (also read Moto G9 Play).

US will be the first market for Motorola Moto Z5 to arrive and if listing follows launch, then latest by March 2020 we can expect it to be on sale. In India, Moto has not been so aggressive but since Motorola Moto Z4 model is already there, its successor Moto Z5 shall also come out on time.

There is no confirmed information on other features of Motorola Moto Z5 like RAM, screen, camera, design and processor etc. Some are expecting the model will not be for 5G network but if its meant for US market as per FCC listing, we need to reconfirm network support in the model.

Some guesses are Motorola Moto Z5 may come in dual model based on SIM i.e. single SIM and dual SIM model but that is not something that shall make too much difference in price. Hopefully Motorola Moto Z5 price in India comes close to price of Moto Z4 model.

Motorola is also planning for launch of Moto Edge Plus model, Motorola Razr 2020, Moto G Stylus for the upcoming event MWC 2020.

Source: Moto mode US site and FCC listing for Moto Z5