Oppo Watch RX Price in India 2020, Features circular design, three color models

Oppo Watch RX Price in India
When it comes to smart watch, certainly the big demand is from the mid segment and Chinese players are quite aggressive here also. Oppo is all set to officially launch Oppo Watch RX on November 1st, 2020. It would be the last smartwatch from Oppo for the closing year 2020 with different design than Oppo smartwatch 2020 already available in Indian market. Also in terms of price, Oppo Watch RX is expected to be set around Rs. 11,999 which is quite lower than first model.

Oppo Watch RX coming at cheaper price in Indian market pic

Not much information is available on the specs and features of Oppo Watch RX and all the information is derived from images available. In terms of design, the Oppo Watch RX will have circular design unlike first smartwatch which has rectangular design to give more display space. It measured 1.28 inch and has AMOLED display.

With metallic case, Oppo Watch RX is quite stylish and will be available in blue, black and gold color at least. It has two buttons on the right side but their application is still a secret. Rest of the features like RAM, memory, weight, apps, OS, connectivity and ruggedness etc. are not available yet for Oppo Watch RX.

With lower price level, Oppo Watch RX is expected to do better than earlier model and will also cater to first time users.

Source: MyDrivers