Oppo Smartwatch 2020 Price in India, Features square design for better content display

Oppo Smartwatch 2020 Price in India
There is never going to be completely one side view on the display style of a smartphone as some prefer square and some square or rectangular. Since smartwatch is a substitute for a normal watch, they tend to have circular design but they also carry smartphone applications like texting, calling and multi media for entertainment, they also come in square design.

The upcoming Oppo Smartwatch 2020 will have square design which is also for the reason of better display of content. Though the price of Oppo Smartwatch 2020 is not yet available in India, it shall be in the affordable range only.

Oppo Smartwatch 2020 price and features square design pic

There is another aspect to Oppo Smartwatch 2020 which is it will have ECG monitoring for which there are already popularly smartwatches like The Apple Watch Series 5, Amazfit Verge 2 and Samsung Galaxy Active 2. However most of them are in the circular shape design and coming up with square design, Oppo Smartwatch 2020 will be able to position itself differently. Since the functionality of a smartwatch is quite limited, there is very limited scope to make it different and unique.

The official announcement for Oppo Smartwatch 2020 happened almost a year back during INNO Day 2019 conference in Shenzen and its launch period was slated for first quarter of 2020. One can expect the upcoming big event MWC 2020 may be simply be the right platform to showcase the model. The upcoming model will carry ECG monitoring also. The Oppo brand has couple of models SYL Oppo Silver smartwatch, Oppo F9 Black smartwatch which are quite affordable being in the price range of less than Rs. 1,000.

As compared to other Chinese players like Xiaomi, Vivo and Realme, Oppo has limited models like Oppo PCLM50 5G smartphone lined up for 2020 and hence we expect more news from the company in coming quarter. Hopefully Oppo Smartwatch 2020 price in India also comes in line with existing smartphone models in the market. We are yet to get the official name of the Oppo 2020 smartwatch.