Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Price in India, Features smaller display size over previous models

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Price in India
Even now not much has been achieved in the smart watch category in India and players have tried every now and than with different designs. There is very niche segment which demands such gadgets with high interest though its still a price sensitive segment. Despite this, smart watches are considered the thing where future of technology lies. May be with this in mind, Samsung is all set to launch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active which probably may happen on February 20th, 2019 though its not so certain information (you can read latest Watch model 4 Golf Edition with price information).

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active price India latest pic

There are some basic modifications one would get to see in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active as compared to previous models. One of them is display size of 1.1 inch which has been reduced from 1.2 inch. The reduced display size may be problematic for many but there will be users who will prefer it though. Also with this new size, it may also turns out to be more appealing to female consumers (you may find Watch 3 also quite appealing).

With dimensions of 49.0×46.0x13.0 mm, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active users can wear it comfortably even while playing games, working out in the gym etc. It is claimed to be water resistant up to depth of 50 meter and hence you can jump into swimming pool wearing this watch. One thing that will be missed on this gadget is bezel less ring which may lead to slightly confusing tapping especially when screen size has been reduced.

With 4GB of storage space, only limited and important files can be stored in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It does not connectivity in the form of 3G or 4G but Bluetooth, W-Fi and NFC are available. Lets wait and see when it gets light of the day in the Indian market.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active price in India information is not available and any guess on the same is more likely to go wrong.