Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price in India, will have redefined accessories and apps

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price in India
There is going to be landmark changes when some of the new models will be launched in ongoing first quarter of 2020 which is mainly to stay ahead of trend and hence remain more and more relevant.

Companies like Samsung and Motorola are not only coming up with way new product design and features but also their apps and accessories are being redefined. This will be seen in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 which is going to be at reasonable price in India 2020 but in form in more than one way (compare with Samsung model Galaxy Note 10 Lite).

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked image on Twitter for Indian market pic

There has been couple of enhancements from Samsung front which shall appear in the model Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also. You may thought about S Pen, Good Lock app 2020, speaker quality, camera quality and even charging. But before we get into that we will dig on leak on Twitter by Ice Universe about Samsung Galaxy Note 20 which making rounds on the net.

The leak of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 model 2020 is only a schematic diagram of the rear side which is quite tough to study. One thing which is quite clear from the image is the upcoming Samsung model Galaxy Note 20 will have camera on the very much on corner on the right side. Some of the models in other series including Note 10 have on left side.

The control buttons in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will appear on the right side which is quite common and people are used. There is no indication of finger print scanner and if the schematic image is complete, than scanner will appear on the front side. If Samsung Note 20 also comes with face recognition, than its convenient to have both on same side (also read Samsung Galaxy smartphone Note 9).

As far as processor is concerned, in the upcoming model Samsung Galaxy Note 20 we are expecting Snapdragon 865 and very powerful battery. Having Android 10 OS, 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM are other features one would definitely look forward in this new model in 2020 (you may find Note 800 from Samsung also quite appealing).

We will post information on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price in India very shortly. After launch of this model, there will be excitement for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Lite and than Samsung Galaxy Note 30 series of models. Other important model from Samsung which are coming up are Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Samsung Galaxy gadget Note which was first model in India.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features list (including expected)

  • Camera on top right corner
  • Finger print scanner on front
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB ROM
  • Powerful batter
  • Improved S Pen
  • Samsung Good lock app 2020 updated in select markets
  • Android 10 OS