Samsung Good Lock app 2020 to support dark mode and auto setting home screen

Being a app based on Android bring lot of benefits as well as challenges as Google keep on updating Android OS. Hence the app owner has to keep on improving to get the maximum benefit from latest OS version which we are going to see in Samsung Good Lock app which will start from February 3rd, 2020. One of the new features of Samsung Good Lock app is support for dark mode, a mode which was simply not there up to Pie version but is there in 10. Samsung Good Lock app will automatically set home screen based on background which has been possible due to integration on high quality AI.

Samsung Good Lock app 2020 key improvements pic

Apart from Samsung Good Lock app 2020 support for dark mode, the Samsung app comes will also support dark mode theme creation for better productivity. There is long list of new features which are core to the enhancement of Samsung Good Lock app 2020 which users in South Korea will be first to enjoy. Over the next couple of weeks, the updated app will be available for customers in Australia, US, UK and Canada.

Samsung Good Lock app 2020 key improvements

  • Dark theme support
  • in line with One UI 2 principle
  • Notification detail view
  • Lock screen auto-off time setting.
  • Resized FaceWidget
  • Clock central position
  • One hand operation
  • Sound management: MultiStar’s multisound function moved to Sound Assistant

Similar to Samsung Good Lock app 2020 support for dark mode, users will also be able to request manual color setting instead of auto. Now you can set what is more fascinating for you and this will add to how much some one has control on personalization. Now with new update, Samsung Good Lock app users can auto set off lock rather than automatic systematic mess one may get into.

In the newer version of Samsung Good Lock app, there will be improvement the way notifications appear on home screen. Also the FaceWidget has been resized to match the users demand in the latest version. All these and many more improvement in Samsung Good Lock app are based on One UI 2 principle. Once Google goes for update over Android 10, one can expect the same to be followed on Samsung Good Lock app also.

In countries where Samsung Good Lock app is not available, users will continue to enjoy Nice Lock app and lets see when that get updated.