Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 Price in India, Double fold model first of its type

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 Price in India
There are quite interesting models set for launch in 2020 and some of the brands will go over board to make their unique and appealing. Korean player Samsung is among the top brands world wide and has good reputation for high end models also. One of Weibo user has posted video of upcoming model Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 which shows the model one step ahead of its rivals. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 price in India could very well go in the range of Rs. 50,000-75,000 but still cheaper than its peers (read latest Foldable model Honor Magic V in India).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 leaked prototype image

What makes Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 smartphone unique over traditional foldable as well as flip models is its Z shape fold. It means the Samsung Z has single screen which carry two folds in the shape of Z letter. Technically speaking this model is neither dual screen nor flip but a dual foldable model. In full display, the screen size will be around 10 inch and hence Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will work both as smartphone in folded format and as a tablet in expanded format.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 smartphone will be distinctive from Samsung model Galaxy Z 2018 both in terms of features as well as usability. Apart from this, Samsung has also lined up Samsung Galaxy S20 models for the current year 2020 which will definitely give boost to its current portfolio. We do not expect launch of models at same time to confuse the end segment. On closer look, it appears Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and S20 series models are meant for quite different set of consumers in India in broader terms.

There are very limited information available on feature list of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020. The smartphone will carry 15W fast wireless recharging, 3,300 mAh battery and 4 set of cameras on rear end. Normally Samsung smartphone are up to the mark when it comes to features and specifications. Stay connected for latest update on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price in India and other information.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Features list

  • 10 inch screen
  • Z shape foldable model
  • Single screen
  • 3,300 mAh battery
  • 15W recharge
  • 4 cameras on rear end
  • Slim design