LG Nexus Price in India, LG Nexus Features, Specifications, Review, Launch

LG Nexus Price in India

As per the recent rumors, LG is coming up with a smartphones LG Nexus R788 in collaboration with Google. LG Nexus price in India can be expected to be in the range of Rs. 25K-30K. LG Nexus price in India in this range indicates this smartphone is for premium category of customers. LG Nexus features 2GB of RAM, Optimus G platform, 2 different models of 8GB and 16GB and 8MP primary camera which simply points out this phone to be one of the best smartphone in Indian market. LG Nexus specifications include black color model, sleek design and long battery life to ensure users can work on non stop for hours together.

LG Nexus Features

LG Nexus price and features are meant to target Indian customers who wish to have smartphone with cutting edge features even if it comes at very high price. LG Nexus features 8 MP primary camera which only some of the premium smartphone poses in the market though in rare cases it is even higher than 10MP. The smartphone also has a 2GB of RAM which is simply a surprise given the fact that even tablets have 1GB of RAM forget about smartphone. LG Nexus with inbuilt memory of 8GB and 16GB models will ensure users have plenty of space to store every kind of documents i.e. music files, official documents, game etc. without need for memory enhancement.

  • OS: Android 4.2
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Screen size: NA
  • Screen resolution: 1,280×768 pixel
  • Screen quality: True-High Definition IPS display
  • Primary camera: 8MP
  • Internal memory: 8GB, 16GB
  • Expandable memory: NO
  • Wireless charging

LG Nexus Specifications

LG Nexus specifications will truly make this smartphone a style icon to carry along. The smartphone will be available in black color model and bar form. LG Nexus will have very light weight and very sleek design which will add to its highly portable nature, to make it more suitable for its target consumers.

  • Color: black
  • Weight: light
  • Form: bar
  • Dimensions: NA
  • Battery specifications
    • Battery type: NA
    • Talk time: NA
    • Stand by time: NA

LG Nexus Review

LG Nexus price in India clearly shows the quality of latest and advanced features users can expect in this smartphone. Surely for high end customers, this smartphone is worth considering.

LG Nexus Launch

LG Nexus is expected to be launched in the market in next month.

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Note: Information is based on online reports and LG, Google have not confirmed this.