Vivo Y70 Price In India, entry level model for 4G network services

Vivo Y70 Price in India
With the introduction of 5G network, every player has put their prime focus on the smartphone models for this network.

The 4G models seems like taken a back bench in their priority and which is quite logical also as future belongs to 5G only. Its matter of time but there will will be gradual decline in 4G and similar increase in 5G in India also. Vivo has plans to bring its model Vivo Y70 in the market along with Vivo Y50 which is going to be in the 4G segment.

Vivo Y70 as a low price model in IMEI database image

Interestingly Vivo Y70 has been listed in Indonesian market where 5G is relatively far away compared to China and India. Hence the smartphone would find relevance for a relatively longer time in the market over there. However that does not rule out Vivo Y70 coming to Indian market in few weeks from now in 2020.

Only the existence of Vivo Y70 smartphone has been confirmed so far and nothing else has leaked. It seems like most leakers are also busy with 5G models only. Due to corona virus the buzz is also quite down even for high end models. Hopefully we get to see more updates on features of Vivo Y70 in coming time.

What we can expect in Vivo Y70 is 6 inch plus screen, strong battery and also powerful camera on the front as well as back side. Also there shall be Android 10 shall be there leading to better performance on latest apps.

Soon we will provide latest information on Vivo Y70 price in India 2020 also.