LG G Watch 2 Price in India, LG G Watch 2 Features Qualcomm processor, OLED display

LG G Watch 2 Price in India

In the upcoming IFA 2014 in Berlin, LG is expected to reveal LG G Watch 2 and this report has been revealed very recently. LG G Watch 2 will continue to be with Android Wear platform which has been the case in the first model also.

Though there is not much information revealed on its features, but based on the expectations, LG G Watch 2 price in India can be expected around Rs. 15K (LG G Watch price is Rs. 14999). LG G Watch 2 will be available in two color models i.e. black and white.

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LG G Watch 2 Features and Specifications

LG G Watch 2 features which has been revealed so far is its screen and processor. It has been reported that it will be having Qualcomm processor but there is no information on the specific chip set which will be provided in this. LG G Watch 2 will have OLED screen as compared to IPS LCD. More information on LG G Watch 2 can be expected between Sept 5-10, 2014 when it is officially revealed for international audience. Since there are not many products from LG in the show, it can be of the major attraction from its stable.

The previous model LG G Watch had 400 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4GB of internal memory with 512MB RAM. Since the latest Bluetooth version is still v4.0 in the market, the new LG G Watch 2 will continue to have the same in its kitty. The first model was launched in June in many countries and this upcoming model can be expected to hit stores during the month of Sept or Oct 2014. The various companies of LG which have expected to teamed up to manufacture this watch are LG Display, LG Innotek and LG Chem.

There will also be some other smartwatches in the show. One of the important product is Sony Smartwatch 3 and there is already leaked information on this. There is heavy push by Google for Wear and we will continue to see new launches in this segment in near future. By the year end we may also get to see LG G Watch 3 also in the market. In India also there is growing demand for smartwatches but people more in the price range of Rs. 5-10k category and LG watches are little expensive for entry level users.