ZTE Axon 8 Price in India, successor confirmed by US subsidiary on Twitter

It has been around 2 years when ZTE Axon 7 was launched in India but after that there has been any hint on when ZTE Axon 8 will come to the market. It is despite the fact Axon 7 has been quite successful but as the time changes, people need updates on the features.

Sometime it is to keep up with the trend and also it is due to new apps which works better with latest versions only. Now the good news is US subsidiary of ZTE has confirmed on Twitter that certainly there will be ZTE Axon 8 coming in the market.

ZTE Axon 8 price India information pic

However there is no indication when ZTE Axon 8 will be launched and hence the wait can be for any duration. Certainly the older model has been quite awesome in its time, there is much more need to be there to make it stand true to the expectations. The market players have moved a lot in the last two years and keeping at par with competition at least is always expected. ZTE Axon 8 price in India when its hits stores shall be around Rs. 30K which is also the price range of ZTE smartphone Axon 7.

In recent times, Chinese players have become quite popular in India and same holds true even in 4G segment. It was reported recently Huawei will be top brand in the Indian market soon overtaking Samsung. If ZTE Axon 8 comes in Indian market in near future with quality features, certainly there will be one more Chinese players eyeing better market share in growing Indian smartphone market.

There is not even a single information on the features quality in ZTE model Axon 8 that users can expect. However there are few main aspects like 5 inch or plus screen size, 16/32GB ROM and dual set camera on both ends. This is what we are seeing as trend in smartphone in India which falls in the price range of Rs. 30-35k.

Keeping visiting for more information on features and ZTE Axon 8 price in India here. Company has launched ZTE Axon M few days back in the market.