LG L455DL Price in India 2020, model with water drop notch, mid level features

LG L455DL Price in India
Its not that much exciting now when it comes to buzz about new smartphone irrespective of the brand. Only models with exceptional features gets to the hype which are normally in high price range but rest come too low in focus which is quite disappointing. As we reported earlier along with LG L555DL in 2020, the Korean brand is also going to launch LG L455DL which is also going to be price for value smartphone in India. It will be bit exciting on what features these two almost identical models will vary.

LG L455DL new model with better features in India 2020 pic
Since LG L455DL and other model mentioned above are leaked with a image on Twitter, we may not get a shock both the images are of same model (sounds funny but can be true too). Anyway when we do not have any other information from a more reliable source, we will go ahead with this while elaborating on LG L455DL.

There may not much hype for models like LG L455DL in India, there market share dominates in terms of volumes. This is main reason brands from all sides keep on coming with new models in the price segment. LG L455DL smartphone in India and other similar models are more for people who do not need latest OS, latest screen design and display quality etc (read latest LG W20 model in India).

Like its sister model, LG L455DL is expected to come with Android 9.0 Pie OS and its too much early to talk about update over here to 10. Certainly it has water drop notch which is becoming common now a days in any decent smartphone in India and other markets (recent smartphone LG G8X ThinQ).

Lets see when we get information on LG L455DL price in India.