Redmi 10X 4G Price in India 2020, Features may comes for better zoom quality

Redmi 10X 4G Price in India
In coming days we would see few models from Xiaomi in Redmi series which would have photography as main focus.

We reported Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition which has 108MP sensor and now there is more news the brand is ready with Redmi 10X 4G which is going to be a low price model but with better zoom capability. In the market, there are few models like Redmi 4X with X in the moniker but 10X is quite high even for the rivals also.

Redmi 10X 4G new model at low price in India pic

In Indian market, Redmi 10 is Note series and probably this would be the first model in smartphone segment. With 4G in moniker, it indicates not only meant for 4G users which are quite large segment in countries like India. In coming time we may get to see successor to Redmi 10X smartphone 4G which shall be Redmi 10X 5G.

There is complete dearth of information when it comes to features quality of Redmi 10X 4G one can think off. However any new exclusive 4G model would certainly be a modest in features and very reasonable in price and same shall hold true for Redmi smartphone 10X 4G also.

In the current time, such models which are aready there in the market have 4-6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Since the main factor which one would enjoy in Redmi model 10X 4G is going to be camera focused i.e. zoom, both quality of cameras and screen would be something there will be better than competing models. Among the 5G models from company, 40W fast charging is becoming new norm, lets see what comes in this Redmi 10X 4G model.

Soon we will post information on Redmi 10X 4G price in India 2020 also.