Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G Price In India 2020, Could be rebranded Poco 2 model

Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G Price in India 2020
There has been leak of 18 models from Xiaomi which will be launched in the market in the coming days.

Some of the models are rebranded existing models and will be named differently in new market. Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G is one such model which is first model in the new Xiaomi Redmi X series and will come at expected price of Rs. 25,999 in India and npt in close range to price level of Xiaomi Redmi 10 models (also read Xiaomi Mi Zero model).

Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G could be a rebranded model pic

Its claimed Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G is not a totally new model but in fact Poco F2 4G model which is already there in the Indian market. If that is true, than there shall be similarity in price level also and in that line Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G price shall come around Rs. 25,999 only (compare with Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G smartphone).

In the coming days only we would get to know about the features details of the Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G smartphone. However if it turns out to be true that its Poco F2 rebranded model than one can take good hint from this model on features quality. This shall applies to all features except addition of very select one which came into market very recently.

Read latest news on Xiaomi Redmi X10 4G price in India and other details on features and specifications like RAM, screen, battery, back end camera, selfie camera, processor, ROM and type of charging.