Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Price in India, probable CC10 model with few features leaked

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Price in India
It has been quite some time when we saw introduction of Xiaomi Mi 10 series of smartphone which are mid range models. However this is not the mass market where major growth lies and that segment is slightly at lower level. This may soon get targeted by Xiaomi with new leaked model Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite which was also missing from the Mi 10 series so far. In some of the market it may be launched as Xiaomi Mi CC10 though it is not an official news or revealed from multiple authentic sources (also read Xiaomi MI Tablet 5).

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite coming soon at low price for Indian market pic

There is not much leaked about Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite except few details drived from its leaked images. However being Lite, Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite would be in price range less than Mi 10 model and that being in Rs. 30,000 around.

Few features which are known so far about Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite in the leak form include its perforated design which is quite standard for good quality models now a days. This short of design gives better display as compared to traditional format. If one can recall, this used to be screen design in old traditional TVs before the onset of LCD models and Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite may be said to have match there.

Further more Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite features circular design in camera setting which some how looks little stylish. It has gone different from vertical setting in Mi 10 model. Again, we do not have information on how good sensors are provided in this model but it will not be too behind from 10 model.

In coming days, we could see more leaks coming out for Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite in 2020 which will clear air further. It would be interesting to see camera, processor, battery, screen size and RAM along with other features in Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite. Usually such models have 6GB/8GB RAM and 64GB/128GB ROM if everything goes with trend.

Soon we will post information on Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite price in India here.