Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro price in India 2024, First smartwatch with SIM support on 5G network

Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro Price in India

The next course of action in the future of smartwatches is really going to be highly exciting. We have seen multiple drastic improvements in the features and applications of smartwatches and now its going to be a altogether new level. If the leaked information is true than Xiaomi is all set to launch Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro smartwatch model which will have SIM support which is going to be the first time. With SIM card feature users will be able to use Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro as a true smartphone for calling, messaging and other applications. Its though too early but Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro price in India can be expected Rs. 24,999 which is at the same level as the price of Xiaomi Watch S2 smartwatch (also read Xiaomi watch Color 2 price in India in 2023).

Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro Features

The leaked information on Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro have come out from the IMEI data base but the detailed information on features is not yet available. The model is expected to slightly lighter than the S2 one which is little surprising as SIM card slot shall add to weight. We need to see where the company will bring the reduction in weight. Since there is mainly 4G and 5G network services in use in India and many other countries, one can expect Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro to have 5G support.

Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro with SIM support and medium range price in India pic
Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro price and features based on leaked information image

Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro Specifications

There is going to be rich list of specifications as well in Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro smartwatch as this is in the high price range category i.e. Rs.20,000-Rs. 25,000 (also read information on price of Xiaomi Watch H1 in India). It is going to have multiple stylish color models with attractive design. With sports lover, it will have activity based apps where in their can monitor their performance as well as calories burn level also. For health conscious people, the upcoming smartwatch Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro will have heart rate monitoring, oxygen monitoring support etc.

The launch of Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro is expected in the month of August 2023 which is almost after 1 year from the launch of base model Xiaomi Watch S2 in India. It would be interesting to see SIM support for the first time in a smartwatch and Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro price in India 2023 at around Rs. 24,999 will enable to be affordable to wide range of consumers. There will be two models of this watch which are listed on IMEI as M2311W1 and M2312W1.