Xiaomi coming up with smartphone having pop up camera and notch free screen

There are certain design innovations which have been there in the market but could not become hot items. Some of them even brings advantages also but some how users stick to traditional models only.

The pop up selfie camera in smartphone is one such design which has been there for a long time and Xiaomi has applied for the same in 2015 but have not brought it to the market. In fact during this period, the screen design has moved from top notch to water drop notch and the next step is notch free design which will see in upcoming Xiaomi smartphone.

Other major Chinese brands like Vivo and Oppo have already planned their notch free smartphone models and now Xiaomi will also join the league. Xiaomi’s product director Wang Teng Thomas in an highly interactive session has confirmed to the audience about arrival of notch free model. He also emphasized on various aspects of this design which goes into play especially in the marketing side of it. We reported Energizer Power Max P18K Pop which a recent model from relatively less known brand which has this design.

The Xiaomi smartphone which will have pop up camera design is yet to get revealed even in the leaks. So it may take probably longer time when we actually get to see the smartphone in the market. One things is sure for such model is that they are meant for high end consumers mainly. They comes power packed with top notch features to ensure they are well received by target users.

One key benefit of smartphone with pop up selfie camera is they have much better screen to body ratio which can be around 85% or even more. Even in smaller screen, there is larger space to play around. Also the screen is complete rectangle and hence watching movies gives a much better feel. The home button is usually not clearly visible in such devices. In India, it will take quite some time before we see Xiaomi smartphone with pop up selfie camera.

Source: ONE