Huawei Nova Lite 4 Price in India, sneak peak in expected features list in 2019

Huawei Nova Lite 4 Price in India
Every now and than we get hint for the newest model going to hit market much in advance than official announcement. Some time they are followed with very short time with actual launch and in some time it takes longer also. The delay can also happen due to slow down from the company side on the model which can happen due to many reason. After Huawei Nova 4, we have got rumors the Huawei brand is all set to roll out its next model Huawei Nova Lite 4 also. The same can be expected to be launched in Indian market also.

Huawei Nova Lite 4 leaked price for india image

One thing that like us any one would be curious to know is the feature quality that will be there in Huawei Nova Lite 4 smartphone. The 4 model already has 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM which is more than any one would expect or need in a smartphone. So if the company keeps with the competition, we do not expect any short fall here and shall keep the combination almost at same level.

Even though Huawei Nova Lite 4 shall nominally be one step behind 4 model, but if launched after a reasonable time gap, it shall be very close only. Its screen size will be fine at 6 inch plus level and going below this would be simply loosing out to the tough competition only. The latest OS i.e. Android 9.0 Pie shall remain the operating platform this upcoming smartphone model.

Coming to the price level, Huawei Nova 4 is available in the range of Rs. 18,000-20,000. Hence going by this standard, Huawei Nova Lite 4 price in India shall also be around Rs. 17,500 only.