Huawei Honor X9B price in India, Mid level feature 5G smartphone launch in India, Singapore, UAE

Huawei Honor X9B Price in India

We have seen couple of 5G smartphone in the low price range set for launch in India and many other countries especially those where this network in the starting stage. There will be one more model in this category i.e. Huawei Honor X9B which is set for launch in India, UAE (as per listing on IMDA) and Singapore (listed on TDRA) in coming days of 2023. The first model of X9 series i.e. Huawei Honor X9A was set in the price range of Rs. 17,899 and we expect Huawei Honor X9B price in India at around Rs. 18,999 only. The X9 series including Huawei Honor X9B which is just second model in the series carries mid level features like 8GB/16GB RAM, 256GB to 512GB ROM and 60W fast charging capacity.

Huawei Honor X9B launch and price information pic
Huawei Honor X9B listing on TDRA for Singapore launch image

Huawei Honor X9B Features

The latest 2023 smartphone Huawei Honor X9B in terms of features quality is more suitable for entry to mid level 5G consumes which are not so much tech savvy. Based on quality of features of previous model, Huawei Honor X9B shall carry 6.67 inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate. One of the key features of this model will be very strong battery of 5,100 mAh which will come quite handy on 5G space. Since this is low price model, in connectivity it will have Bluetooth 5.0 though OS expected to be Android 13 with option for upgrade later on.

Huawei Honor X9B Features list

  • Screen size: 6.67 inch
  • RAM: 8GB, 16GB
  • ROM: 256GB, 512GB
  • Slim design: 7.9mm thickness
  • 5G connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • 5,100 mAh battery
  • 60W fast charging
  • Android 13
  • 120Hz refresh rate
Huawei Honor X9B price and IMDA listing image
Huawei Honor X9B coming to Dubai, listed on IMDA image

Huawei Honor X9B Specifications

There is not much information available as pet on the specifications list of Huawei Honor X9B and whatever information has come out so far has been from its listing on IMDA and TDRA. The upcoming 5G smartphone will have 16MP of selfie camera with auto focus support. On the rear end Huawei Honor X9B will have triple set of camera i.e. 64MP+50MP+2MP which is one of the best packaging in this category when it comes to entry to mid price range smartphone in India. Like first model Huawei Honor X9B may also have Snapdragon 695 chipset which offers mid level performance when it comes to 5G services.

Huawei Honor X9B Specifications list

  • 16MP front camera
  • 64MP+50MP+2MP triple main camera
  • Snapdragon 695
  • AI support on rear camera: NA

Huawei Honor X9B Review and Launch

Most likely Huawei Honor X9B will be launched in India in the month of November 2023. The first model Huawei Honor X9A was launched in January 2023 and we expect arrival of current model before it the year end 2023. Being a value for money smartphone Huawei Honor X9B will be fit for consumers who want to work with latest but not the heaviest applications on 5G network.

More information on features and also Huawei Honor X9B price in India will be updated soon.