HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 Price in India, interesting MATRIX camera as security feature

HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 Price in India
Going with the trend, it may not come as a surprise when smartphone can start coming out substitute for security camera also. So far smartphone has been good substitute for camera, laptops and to some extent TVs also. It would not struck in the mind the camera in the smartphone can be used for surveillance also but this is going to change with HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 smartphone. The upcoming smartphone HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 has been certified at TENAA and shall soon US market in the first phase. HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 price is not yet available for US and Indian market as well.

HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 price and TENAA ceritification image

HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 Features list

  • 6.3 inch screen
  • MATRIX camera design
  • Dual camera on back end
  • Slim design
  • Appealing look
  • Light weight

Since MATRIX camera in the HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 is not coming out at premium feature, the model shall be in the reasonable price range only. HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 price in India is expected to be around Rs. 15000-20000 only. On TENAA, there are few images are only available and hence one has to judge its features from them only.

The upcoming smartphone HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 will have 6.3 inch screen which is quite fit for a smartphone which has application for security purpose also. Having 4,900 mAh battery is one more feature in HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 which will add to the main application of this model. You can put this model for very long duration in surveillance in single recharge.

Despite a unique model, HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 has very slim design with 159.07mm×74.06mm×9.04mm dimensions. In normal smartphone applications, you would not feel its also a security gadget.

Once its launched in Indian market which will surely happen in 2020, HUAWEI Honor MOA-AL00 price in India is more likely to be in affordable range only.