Huawei Nova Youth Edition Price in India, brings much needed features quality

The Chinese company Huawei is betting big on the mid price segment in India and other markets. Most of the models are meant for this segment users mainly. The new model which will see launch in coming days Huawei Nova Youth Edition is also in the same lines.

Huawei Nova Youth Edition Price in India
In recent times we have seen the market for Chinese model getting wider and wider in almost all the countries including India. It can be partly be attributed to the new and new features these companies have been able to bring in without adding much to the price. Huawei Nova Youth Edition price in India like its sister models can be expected to be in the range of Rs. 20-25K which is simply reasonable for a 4G model of this nature. As you will realize the usability of its features, Huawei Nova Youth Edition certainly has much more excitement than what one can ask for.

Huawei Nova Youth Edition price image

The new highly anticipated smartphone Huawei Nova Youth Edition will work on 2G, 3G as well as 4G network which is quite useful for users who are planning to upgrade to next better platform. The 5.2 inch LCD IPS capacitive screen will be another features which users will find adding to the fun of playing and using this model. With 7mm thickness, it has brought in new standards in slimness and one can play with it even with few of the fingers.

There is much better selfie camera of 8MP in Huawei Nova Youth Edition which will support rotation up to 88 degree without compromising on quality of image. If you are taking selfie in a group, any member from one corner to another can take selfie with this model. This will also find better demand from users who take selfies in tough situations like rock climbing etc. The rear end 12MP camera with LED flash is also equally good for taking videos and image in different functions.

Another specification of Huawei Nova Youth Edition one can not ignore is the memory level of 64GB with comes inbuilt in this model. One can store plenty of games, videos and other files without worrying about speed and space in this model. The Octa core 2.1 GHz processor and 4GB RAM will keeping the functions very smooth all along. To ensure all the apps work in best way, it has Android 7.1 (Noughat) OS with Emotional UI to bring further appeal to this model.